About Abinfa

“Sometimes we need to know what information to trust and what information suppliers to rely upon.”

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Our Vision

Enable you to know instead of believing.


Correctness, relevance and completeness.

“And sometimes we need to prove and document that we know.”

Our history

The need for a tool like Abinfa had been growing for a number of years when competence from scientific, economic, legal and information technology disciplines gathered to develop the method and an associated framework in 2018.  The Abinfa methodology was established in 2021 and has since then been refined and developed further.

The Abinfa methodology now enable research institutions, governments, companies, organizations and people all over the world to know and document their knowledge about the information they use, trust and rely on.

How to use Abinfa

The users of the Abinfa methodology come from all over the world and from all professional and academic disciplines;

  • Companies use Abinfa to make better operative decisions, and to justify and substantiate strategic decisions.
  • Governments use Abinfa to evaluate and rate information and information sources regarding foreign affairs, internal affairs, political development and threat intelligence.
  • Scientists and educational institutions use Abinfa in research and development, and in strategic decisions.
  • Private persons use Abinfa to get better information about matters of interest like new mobile phones, exercise trends, holiday destinations and cars, as well as important economic issues such as interest rates and price developments.
  • To name a few examples.

Developing Abinfa

Although a lot of time and resources have gone into developing this framework, we are aware of and humble about the fact that the framework can and must be developed over time. And the best people to tell in which direction the framework should be developed are you, the users of the framework.

We are grateful for all comments and input that can help us develop the methodology further.

We will offer the contributors of input that is used to develop the methodology free licenses as a sign of our appreciation, depending on the contribution.

Please submit your contributions by using our contact form.

Privacy and Security

We respect your privacy and value your security.

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