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The way to measure information quality


– a methodology and framework for information analysis

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Reliable analysis of information

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Who should you trust

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How valuable is this information?

What is Abinfa?

Abinfa is a methodology for information analysis, designed to give you valid and documented information about the quality of a set of information and how valuable it is to you compared to other sets of information.

Abinfa can be used to give you information about how correct, relevant and complete a set of information is, as well as any other attribute you would like to focus on.

Abinfa can also be used to compare the quality of information suppliers, and give you documented knowledge of how much you can trust them.

With Abinfa, information sets can be compared accurately even if they are not produced for the same purposes, within the same period of time or even within the same professional or academic discipline. It uses scientifically proven tools supported by the world’s leading data analyzing tools, and can be used on any set of information within any academic or professional discipline.

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Artificial Intelligence

Combine Abinfa with the power of AI

Combine Abinfa with the power of AI to boost efficiency.

We have now published two exiting use cases on this relevant subject and compared the results from ChatGPT and GPT-4.
To our surprise, the older ChatGPT outperformed the new GPT-4 in several of the tasks.

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